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Tired of the limitations of sites like Word Press? Looking for a custom site that can do everything you need it to? We can do that!


Looking for a mobile or web app that can simplify your customer experience? Need to stand out and grow your business with more customer interaction? We can do that, too!


Do you need more than just a website or app, something closer to a full suite of tools tailored to your unique processes? We'd love the opportunity to build out a full platform or suite for you!

Custom Development

From writing software drivers for your custom hardware to full blown Operating Systems and everything in between... if you have a deam, we can build it!

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RFID-based Sales Tracking system with mobile apps

AliBaBa's Sports Bar & Grille

Sports Bar & Grille in Knoxville, TN

BV Menu

Online menu for a vape shop that includes membership and favorites

Mobile Apps

Tunnel Drop

Fast-paced and addictive puzzle game

Task Tracker Pro

The quickest and easiest way to track your tasks

PTS Data Tracker

Part of the Purple Tree Suite, allows you to track data on your students


Bear Litigation

Scheduling, Invoicing, Conferencing and Documentation system for attorneys

White Mountain Suite

White Mountain Suite is a premiere event os platform to ehnance you events


Education suite with web apps and mobile apps

Even Open Source Contributions!


Linux driver support for the full Microsft Surface line of devices

SurfShark VPN GUI

Linux GUI for connecting to the SurfShark VPN

Android OS Development

AOSP ROM and kernel development for various phones, tablets and watches

...and so much more! Let us know what we can do for you!